From Ghost Busters to The Godfather, and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to Norman Bates in Psycho, BRICK FLICKS is a collection of the most iconic film moments and characters of all time, expertly built from LEGO, and it’s coming to BRICK!. 

Following the international success of BRICK City: Global Landmarks to Make from LEGO, professional LEGO builder and BRICK founderWarren Elsmore returns with even more brilliant unofficial LEGO creations.

A gallery of these magical movie images will be on display at both BRICK 2015 shows in Birmingham and London, alongside a few of the intricate models hand built for the photos.

Warren explains: “There are perhaps few toys as iconic as LEGO bricks. However, in the 55 years since the LEGO brick was born, another industry has created thousands of iconic images that we’ve grown to know and love. What better way to celebrate the motion picture industry than by recreating these images in LEGO form?

“In Brick Flicks, we’ve recreated 60 famous movies from one of the earliest colour films ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939), right up to the computer-generated imagery of ‘The Life of Pi’ (2012). Our journey takes us through action, comedy, drama, science fiction and more as we celebrate the versatility of the LEGO palette.

Each film brings its own challenges as we strive to create an image that is instantly recognisable. In some instances, we’ve chosen to use a scene from the film itself and in some cases the movie poster itself is our ‘main protagonist’. Either way round, I hope that the image we’ve chosen brings back memories – or perhaps triggers a desire to expand your own film collection!”

As well as showcasing these fantastic images in the book, Warren also gives an insight into how they were made and interesting facts about the movies themselves. Whether you are just a beginner or a more advanced LEGO fan, this is a book you won’t be able to put down!

Make sure you take a trip to the movie during your visit to BRICK. Popcorn optional!


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