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BRICK NEC Lego Live Collectables Show
BRICK 2014 featured in BBC Two’s Collectaholics!

Mark had his fantastic LEGO display through the ages! The Collectohlics team visit Lego collector Mark who has over 350,000 pieces, all individually sorted into size, colour and purpose. Recently diagnosed with Asperger’s, Mark finds the collection helps him deal with his condition, but much of his collection is built and then broken down and […]

BRICK NEC Lego Art Back to the Future
Back to Future LEGO video clip made at BRICK 2014!

              Remember the clock tower scene from Back to the Future where Doc Brown was sending Marty back to the future by using the lightning? The animation team at Macro LEGO Universe has recreated that particular scene at the Brick 2014 LEGO fan convention a few months ago and […]

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